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We specialize in Veterans Disability Walk-In Showers in San Antonio, Texas

Texas Bathtub Refinishers is a handicapped veteran-friendly VA approved vendor. We can convert or replace your existing bathtub or shower with an ADA compliant walk-in or roll-in shower that you have always dreamed of having! Make your bathroom accessible and safe for family members in a wheelchair or loved ones with diminished mobility is restoring bathing independence. Our showers are made of high quality acrylic, designed in a contemporary fashion that will last a lifetime. Any color or texture you can imagine, from smooth walls to interesting tile texture with beautiful borders, shelving, and many different accessories to complete your dream shower, including grab bar installation for added safety. Texas Bathtub Refinishers has it all!

Walk-In Bathtubs offer all the comfort and safety you need! 

Let Texas Bathtub Refinishers replace your existing bathtub with an accessible handicap or mobility-enhancing Walk-In Bathtub that meets ADA guidelines. Enjoy the added safety of built-in grab bars, a chair-high seat, and a 18" side door that makes it easy for you to get in and out of your tub. Plus, your new Walk-In Bathtub is twice the depth of a regular tub and has a 27" long foot area so you can stretch out and relax.


Convert your existing bathtub into a Walk-Thru Shower!

Reduce the possibility of a serious accident and save on conventional remodeling costs by letting Texas Bathtub Refinishers convert your existing bathtub by installing a walk-thru shower with a safeway step safety insert that meets ADA/ANSI requirements. In just a matter of hours, that dangerous 14-inch step to get into your bath will be reduced to a safe, easy walk-in safeway step of just a few inches to enter your new Walk-Thru Shower.

Texas Bathtub Refinishers, Inc. also specializes in all bathroom and bathtub refinishing, repair, resurfacing and reglazing needs, including antique, porcelain and fiberglass bathtubs and sinks, Jacuzzi tubs, whirlpools, Formica countertops, ceramic tile, cultured marble, and appliances...for a fraction of the cost of replacement!

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