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Walk-Thru Safeway Step Safety Insert for Bathtubs and Showers

Enhance Your Overall Safety - Make Entering the Tub or Shower Easy

Convert your existing tub and shower into a walk-thru tub or shower without the mess and high cost of remodeling! Enhance your overall safety and make entry easy with a walk-thru safeway step safety insert!

Texas Bathtub Refinishers can save you money and time with a Walk-Thru Safeway Step Insert conversion.

In less than a day, we can convert your existing tub into a walk-thru tub/shower with a safeway step easy insert  that is just a few inches high. Think about it. We can give you a safe entry into your tub or shower, rather than that dangerous 14-inch step you now have to take over the side of the bathtub. Not only is stepping over the side of the tub difficult but it is also dangerous for those with diminished mobility.


Here are some advantages of converting to the Walk-thru Safeway Step Insert:

  • Easy shower access enhances overall safety

  • Save money over conventional remodeling.

  • Conversion is complete in a matter of hours

  • Shower is useable within hours

  • Fits most existing bathtubs

  • Reduces stress for family members with diminished mobility and their attending assistants

  • The patented Walk-Thru safeway step insert is unbreakable!


Call us today at 210-804-1189 for more information converting your tub into a walk-thru shower with safeway step insert. Or, visit our showroom at 1327 Basse Road in San Antonio, Texas.

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