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A Walk-In Bathtub can be life changing!

Why should you buy your own Walk-In Bathtub?

Finding the right bathtub style for your bathroom can be rather difficult most of the time. That’s why you need to come up with a unique, versatile style that helps push your experience to the next level. What makes Walk-In Bathtubs unique is the fact that they are great for people with injuries, seniors, but also for washing little ones or for adults that want easy access to their bathtub. On top of that, they also bring in great benefits as well.

Walk-In Bathtub benefits

The main reason why you want to buy your own Walk-In Bathtub is because it delivers great safety. There’s no need to worry about any slipping and falling, not to mention kids won’t be able to splash any water and make the floors wet. On top of that, the Walk-In Bathtubs come with dedicated grab bars that make it very easy to go in and out regardless of your age or any disabilities.

In addition, Walk-In Bathtubs are known for offering a great way to relax and unwind. You can be fully immersed in water, and you can also have access to extra features like hydrotherapy. You receive plenty of versatility and customization options, all in a very impressive and unique package. Plus, the bathtub can also have a shower system too, so there’s a lot of efficiency and flexibility on how you want to use it. And yes, the Walk-In Bathtubs are very easy to clean, so you can maintain a very good hygiene standard as well.


Once you purchase the Walk-In Bathtub from us, we will make sure it’s installed quickly and with great efficiency. We help with faucets and fixtures, and we also bring in a handheld shower wand with a wall mount.

You don’t have to worry about getting the old tub out, we will tear it out, and remove it. Then we will install the new Walk-In Bathtub. Everything will work flawlessly, and you don’t have to worry about anything. We just make the process as convenient as possible, giving you a great experience every time.

Why choose us?

If you’re looking for an easy to use, high quality and durable Walk-In Bathtub, we are the right choice! We are a local San Antonio and surrounding areas service provider. Here at Bathtub Refinishers Inc. our Walk-In Bathtubs come with a 10-year guarantee and built-in safety features like cable operated drain systems, built-in grab rails and a non-slip floor. This makes it ideal for the elderly or people with certain disabilities, but it can be used by everyone. The hydrotherapy jet system helps you deal with arthritis or rheumatism as well. Plus, the tub has 2 times the depth of a regular tub, which makes it even more interesting to use and certainly a lot more versatile.

On top of that, we follow the ADA/ANSI guidelines and we are a VA approved vendor too. If you’re looking for the best Walk-In Bathtub that’s dependable, convenient and easy to install, all you need is to get in touch with us today. Our Walk-In Bathtubs come in 4 different models, 2 soaker options and 2 walk-in bathtubs that have hydrotherapeutic features. All you need to do is to pick the model you like, and we will take care of the rest!


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