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How to Make Your Shower More Safe and Secure for Seniors

According to research conducted by the National Institute on Aging (NIA), 80% of seniors fall at least once a year, which mostly occurs in the bathroom. Other institutes also report that bathroom injuries peak after the age of 65. The answer as to why this starts happening often is, of course, how our bathrooms are constructed.

Bathrooms consist of hard floor surfaces, tiles, and sharp edges of counters with heavy taps and sinks installed. Objectively looking at a bathroom where there is bound to be water spillage, shower safety is the first thing you ought to take care of. We’ve listed a few tips that can help ensure that the likelihood of falling is lessened because we care about are San Antonio community.

Invest in a Walk-Thru Safeway Step Safety Insert

Many bathroom accidents involve slipping in and around the tub or shower. Installing a Walk-Thru Safeway-step will help eliminate the chances of a dangerous fall from occurring. This installation will eliminate the additional 14” step allowing you to utilize the side of your tub. This will help with accessibility while increasing your confidence and comfortability. We are licensed professionals and can install this safety equipment for you correctly!

Install Grab Bars

Grab bars too are one of the primary and comparatively inexpensive installations to your bathrooms that can make it safe for seniors to use. They are usually one of the first things that come to mind when thinking about shower safety.

These grab bars help people get in and out of the shower without slipping and reducing the risk of any accidents meaning you can grab onto it to prevent a full-on fall. We install wall-mounted grab bars, as they are one of the best choices in such cases and are most stable due to being attached to a wall on both ends.

Anti-slip Rugs and Mats

Before you begin to install some equipment that might help reduce risks for falling, start with the most basic item, i.e., anti-slip rugs. Seniors experience more frequent trips to the bathroom, which can be made through the nonslip mats on the bathroom floor. Choose one that will stick securely to the floor when wet.

You can also apply nonslip treads on the shower or tub floor to maximize safety as it reduces the risk of coming loose.

Switch to Handheld Showerhead

Installing a handheld showerhead gives more control to the person showering, instead of having to reach for nozzles and taps to control the water flow. After you’ve converted your existing tub or shower, you’ll want a handheld showerhead to go with it.

When considering bathroom installations for more safety and security, be sure to distinguish what you can do yourself and what needs to be done by a licensed professional. We vet our products to make sure you don't end up with something that doesn't work correctly. Furthermore, ensure contacting San Antonio’s Texas Bathtub Refinishers Inc. to add some of these safety measures to your home and transform your bathroom into a safer place for everyone.


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